What Makes a Great Sommelier? A Lesson by Hong Kong’s Top Practitioners 香港业界代表揭秘侍酒师炼成之路

Culinary Talents Unleashed at HKICC 2023 香港国际美食大奖高手云集 尽展厨艺

HOFEX 2023 Concluded with HUGE Success! HOFEX 2023 圆满闭幕!

【Day 3】Your FINAL chance to source and connect! 把握最后采购及营商机会!

【Day 3】Final Chance to Source and Connect 把握最后采购及营商机会!

【Day 2】You have 1.5 days left to visit ProWine Hong Kong 你尚余1.5日参观ProWine展览会

【Day 2】You have 1.5 days left to visit HOFEX 你尚余1.5日参观HOFEX!

【Day 2】Continue Your Wine Sourcing Journey 今日继续你的葡萄酒采购之旅

【Day 2】Continue Your F&B Journey 今日继续你的餐饮之旅

【Day 1】What’s on? Discussions, Insights, Deals, and more! 展览现场直击 洽谈互动商机处处

【Day 1】What’s on? Discussions, Insights, Deals, and more! 展览现场直击 洽谈互动商机处处

Show Opens TODAY! See You Later! 今日隆重开幕 会场见!

Show Opens TODAY! See You Later! 今日隆重开幕 会场见!

HOFEX Opens Tomorrow! Are You Ready? 明天隆重开幕!你准备好了吗?

What’s new for this year’s HKICC? 香港国际美食大奖 新项目登场!

Last Day to Pre-register Online! 买家网上预先登记今日结束!

A Day with the World’s Best-Known Wine & Spirits Educators 向全球顶尖葡萄酒及烈酒大师取经!

Experience the Craft Beer Boom at HOFEX! 精酿啤酒热潮席卷HOFEX!

1,200+ Brands Showcasing the A-Z of Food & Drinks 1,200+品牌加盟 展示最齐全餐饮产品!

Visitor Online Pre-registration Extended to 5 May! 买家网上预先登记延至5月5日!

Hospitality Tech is the Real Game-Changer 款待科技成餐饮及酒店业致胜关键!

ProWine Hong Kong Wine Forum Speakers Revealed! ProWine香港葡萄酒论坛讲者阵容

Need a Caffeine Fix? Here’s what to look for! 谁将称霸咖啡市场?

Meet Who’s Who of the GBA Hospitality Industry! 最具影响力大湾区酒店业领袖出席!

Star-studded Exhibitor Line-up Unveiled! 星级参展阵容抢先看

Last Call to Register for Hong Kong International Beer Awards 2023!

HOFEX助你一窥餐饮新品狂热!Show Hand of New Products in HOFEX!

One Stop Sourcing Opportunity for F&B Trade in HOFEX

How Should Hotels Prepare For New Surge of Guests? 酒店业应如何迎接新一轮入住热潮?

星级评判阵容 见证糕点新星诞生 Meet the Judges of HKICC Pastry Category! Witness the Birth of Master Pastry Chef!

重新感受香港魅力 Ready to Return and Experience Hong Kong’s Vibrant Energy?

GHM Hotel Industry Development Leaders Summit & GHM “Golden Pearl Award” Award Ceremony Coming to HOFEX! 隆重介绍:粤港澳酒店业发展领袖峰会暨”GHM金珠奖”颁奖典礼

Shake & Mix Your Best Cocktail at Hong Kong Professional Mixologist Challenge! 香港专业调酒师挑战赛参赛者招募

ChatGPT对HOFEX的评价如何? Want to Hear What ChatGPT Says About HOFEX?

Witness the Birth of Master Chefs at HKICC! 香港国际美食大奖 见证厨神诞生

Visit HOFEX with Riveting Events under Fresh Air! 脱下口罩 尽情享受HOFEX精彩活动

见证精酿啤酒王者诞生:香港国际啤酒奖 Hong Kong International Beer Awards is returning to HOFEX!

细尝巧手精致点心 呈现当代创新中菜 Delicate and Innovative Dim Sum Revolutionalising Modern Chinese Cuisine

Take a Sip of the Unlimited Business Potential of Beverage Industry 品味醇香啡茶 拓展饮品商机

New Norm of Bakery Sector 准备迎接烘焙行业新常态

HKICC 2023 will return this May and is looking for Contestants! 香港国际美食大奖2023参赛者招募

Register! Visit! And Get a Real Taste of HOFEX! 参展商摊位试食回归HOFEX,万勿错过!

Follow 2023’s Hottest F&B Trends at HOFEX! 2023年热门餐饮浪潮尽在HOFEX

Visitor Online Pre-registration is now OPEN! 买家网上预先登记现已开放

HOFEX Empowers You to Keep Up with Latest Food Packaging Trends HOFEX助你紧贴食品包装最新趋势

The flagship Event – HKICC will return this May and is looking for… 五月香港国际美食大奖 赞助招募

Welcome back! On-arrival PCR tests & vaccine pass removed 香港取消入境核酸检测及疫苗通行证

HOFEX 亚洲顶尖国际食品餐饮及酒店设备展 载誉而归!

No More Travel Restrictions for International Arrivals! 香港入境旅客限制即时取消!

What’s on the table? Capture the flavours of 2023 谁将领跑2023年餐饮市场?

HOFEX leads the race in Hospitality Technology 汇聚星级酒店 聚焦顶尖餐饮及款待科技产品

APAC Foodservice Equipment Market is Making a Leap! 亚太区餐饮设备市场庞潜力无限!

Quarantine-free entry under Hong Kong’s “0+3 Scheme”! 香港入境「0+3」免隔离 全球餐饮业线下重聚

Returning to the Asian Food Table 谱写亚洲餐饮新篇章

Trade with the RIGHT Buyer! HOFEX助你寻找最佳合作伙伴!

Your Success is our Ultimate Goal! 您的成功是我们的最终目标!

HOFEX Returns on 10-12 May 2023! HOFEX 将于 2023 年 5 月 10 至 12 日再度举行!


HOFEX 2021 Concluded with HUGE Success! HOFEX 圆满闭幕!

Where are you? Today is the Last Day! 最后今日参观HOFEX

You have 1.5 Day Left to Visit! 你尚余1.5日参观HOFEX及同场举行的 3个跨行业B2B展览!

What Happened this Morning? Find out now! 四大展览 今早开锣

HOFEX, ProWine Hong Kong @ HOFEX, Retail Asia Conference Expo and Natural & Organic Asia are back and bustling

Call for Spectators at Hong Kong Coffee Competition 来香港咖啡比赛见证王者诞生

Online Pre-registration will Close!

Advanced Buyers’ Guide is out!

70% of HOFEX’s registrants are decision makers, are you one of them? 逾7成的登记买家为决策者,只差你的到来!

Return of Wine Events at HOFEX 2021! 美酒活动再度回归 HOFEX 2021!

“Must Read! HOFEX 2021 Essential Event Updates 不容错过的HOFEX 2021精彩活动”

Introducing a NEW Educational Seminar – FOODTECH Asia! 全新亚洲食品科技研讨会

Call for Sponsor: Hong Kong Latte Art and Coffee in Good Spirits Championship 咖啡师挑战赛赞助招募

HKICC 2021 will return this Sept and is looking for Contestants! 香港国际美食大奖2021 参赛者招募

Explore your list of summer-visit options on HOFEX Connect! 美国食品团加盟 立即登记!

HOFEX Connect 线上平台今天启用

HOFEX Connect线上平台正式启用!已登记买家可登入HOFEX Connect线上平台浏览参 ...

Lead Capture: New Restaurants & Hotels Sprouting Up 【开发客户】聚焦新开业餐厅酒店


无论您有何采购需求,HOFEX Connect都能悉数满足!马上预览以下精选产品,紧贴活动时间表,轻 ...

Get the ticket to the FOODtastic events this year! 今年必去的餐饮业盛会

Conversations and Connections at your Fingertips 点击解锁更多商业联系

Last Chance to Meet 2,500+ Regional Buyers 最后机会参展 接触过千区内买家

ProWine Hong Kong @ HOFEX 买家网上预先登记今日开放

HOFEX 买家网上预先登记现已开放

活用香港优势 打通亚洲商网

九月香港国际美食大奖 赞助招募


SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF) has enhanced, Join Now!

Preventive Measures for Eateries Tightened – Are you Prepared? 助食肆应对新一轮防疫措施

Asia Hospitality and Retail Design Awards Application is now OPEN!

建立过千联系 超额完成目标!

HOFEX Connect 2021网上商贸配对活动大获成功!短短三日的活动为全球餐饮专才建立大量商 ...


亚洲和香港市场对咖啡及咖啡饮料的需求转变,掀起新一轮热潮。咖啡消费群年轻化,带动一系列产品创新,使咖 ...

深入本地市场 满足庞大「肉」望!

肉类是香港饮食文化的核心,市场需求相当庞大。疫情下消费者对肉类的需求不减,研究显示近六成港人在疫情期 ...



Network Virtually with Top F&B Suppliers! 与优质餐饮供应商在线会面!

2021 年饮食新格局

尽管疫情重创经济,导致失业率上升,但消费者购买食品的意欲却没有随之下降,反而购买更多精致及贵价食品及 ...

A sneak peek at our tasty offerings 优质展品抢先看!

线上商贸配对 买家登记现已开放

万众期待的线上活动“HOFEX Connect“将于 3月30至31日举行,为即将回归的实体展进行预 ...


HOFEX 2021祝您新年快乐,财源广进!立即参加展览,达成新年目标!


正当多个餐饮界别临危之际,咖啡产业却迎来全新商机。实施在家工作后,自制咖啡的需求持续上升,而受限聚令 ...

参展HOFEX 优势尽享

香港崇尚潮流饮食,即使在疫情期间,对美食的追求亦从未停歇。「香港最佳餐厅」是谷歌搜寻引擎最热门的关键 ...


疫情期间行动受限,商户该如何修复与顾客之间的距离?香港餐饮展 X 亚洲高端食品展提供专业网上营销服务 ...

新派素肉 创出健康滋味新热潮

Green Common的Future Food Specialist Athlon 与大家分享香港 ...


HOFEX于2019年5月10日圆满结束,喜获各界赞誉,盛况空前。为期四天的展览吸引了来自48个国家 ...

ProWine Asia 2019 参展商及买家人数升幅显著

继2017年成功亮相后,本届ProWine Asia与亚洲顶尖餐饮及酒店设备展HOFEX联手,取得巨 ...

HOFEX 倒数计时 速来观展!



最后两天 莅临观展




【知己知彼】创新科技颠覆餐饮业 HOFEX x Retail Asia Conference & Expo 助您掌握先机!

最后一天预先登记参观ProWine Asia


The Glenrothes Masterclasses Experience the new vibrant collection of whiskies – “The Soleo Collection”

ProWine Asia @ HOFEX 2019 Wine Forum Invitation

Drive Your Business in 15 minutes

香港国际美食大奖 正式启航

一众厨师昨日云集香港会议展览中心,参加香港国际美食大奖(HKICC)赛前简介会。参赛者斗志十足,必定 ...

The Italian Cocktail Challenge 2019 比赛现正接受报名

The Italian Cocktail Challenge 比赛由METABEV赞助,旨在支持及推 ...

ProWine Asia 买家预先登记延至4月26日

HOFEX 买家预先登记延至4月26日

HOFEX 买家预览隆重登场!

请即下载HOFEX 2019买家预览,率先了解更多关于展览会的资讯!想为企业搜罗最新及最高品质的食品 ...


HOFEX诚邀您参与为期三日、由星级中菜师傅主持的即场示范,体验深厚中式料理文化与精髓。六位城中名厨 ...

活用高效厨房 点缀完美餐桌

本届HOFEX特设餐具及酒店供给品专区,精选展品以高级物料及精致工艺制造,耐用环保之余,同时为店面增 ...




对不起,此内容只适用于美式英文。 For the sake of viewer convenienc ...

环球美食 五月抢「鲜」呈献

本届 HOFEX 将于2019年5月7至10日假香港会议展览中心举行。是届HOFEX将继续为业界人士 ...

搜罗优质肉品 满足市场需求

香港、澳门、中国及菲律宾等亚洲地区对优质肉类需求与日俱增。有见及此,HOFEX 特设 MEAT @ ...

精心呈现 卓越味觉工艺

作为意大利甜品的代表,意式雪糕凭借健康天然的原材料和香馥柔滑的口感俘获世界各地甜品爱好者的芳心。20 ...

Final Call for Contestants to Participate in HKICC at HOFEX 2019

对不起,此内容只适用于美式英文。 For the sake of viewer convenienc ...

Start Pre-Registering for Pro-Wine

对不起,此内容只适用于美式英文。 For the sake of viewer convenienc ...

Now Open for Pre-Registration

对不起,此内容只适用于美式英文。 For the sake of viewer convenienc ...

Happy Chinese New Year!

Cook your way to the culinary throne

All I want for Christmas is Food

Cafés: More Than Just Coffee

Say Hello to the Best Ever HOFEX 2019!



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